BBC films By Any Means at Birmingham Film Studios

We were delighted to welcome the BBC who chose Birmingham Film Studios to shoot some scenes for new crime drama, “By Any Means” starring Warren Brown, Gina McKee and Shelley Conn.

By Any Means airs Sunday 22nd September on BBC One


  1. If you are going to film using so easily identifiable Birmingham locations why not actually set it in the city? The plot a was not one that needed to be specific to London so why set it there. Seems to have much of the feel to it that Hustle had, again filmed in the second city standing in for the capital, so should be a success, good casting with, like Hustle a good roster of top rank guest appearances

    • I believe the reason that they still use London as a backdrop is so that the programme will be marketable all over the world.

  2. They use so may long vision shots and then swoop in to clearly identyfiable Birmingham landmarks.
    The secret hideout is clearly underneath Subway City one of the most popular late night clubs in the midlands, with clearly signed stairs down to Birmingham – Fazely canal on Livery street. Such sloppy production and editing.


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